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A+ BBB | 4.9 Google

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HVAC Maintenance & Tune Up

AIR4U offers an Annual Service Agreement called Care4U.

But why do you need to do A/C maintenance? Are HVAC tune ups actually important? The answer is YES they are very important, and here are the reasons why:

1 ) Reduce the likelihood of unexpected costly breakdowns

2) Save money on energy bills by maintaining peak efficiency

3) Extend the life of the system with by ensuring key components are all within specification

4) Keep your home & family safe by inspecting furnace & heat exchanger integrity

5) Satisfies Manufacturer Warranty Requirements

Air Conditioning Technicians are required to be EPA Section 608 Certified to work on refrigeration chemicals, in addition AIR4U Technicians undergo constant training from manufacturers as well as customer service training from management.

We suggest you  avoid allowing an uncertified handyman to do maintenance or tune up on your home heating and cooling system.

A central air conditioning system is a significant investment, much like a car, you wouldn’t drive a car 100k miles without a tune up because they are too expensive to replace frequently, and the same is true for your HVAC system.

AIR4U provides service on split heat pumps, package unit heat pumps, ductless mini split systems, split gas air conditioning systems, and gas package unit systems. We do not work  on portable systems, window systems, geothermal systems or swamp coolers.

We offer Transparent Pricing, available online (gotta wonder why other A/C Companies don’t do that…) no hidden fees, no surprises.
Our individual HVAC maintenance tune up service inspections or annual A/C tune up Service Agreements as follows:

Care4U Elite AnnualCare4U VIP AnnualCare4U Express AnnualIndividual Service or Tune Up
Price$29.95/month or $359.40/year$19.95/month or $239.40/year$9.95/month or $119.40/year$78/visit
Visits1x Spring & Summer Tune Up
1x Fall & Winter Tune Up
1x Spring & Summer Tune Up
1x Fall & Winter Tune Up
1x Spring & Summer Tune Up
1x Fall & Winter Tune Up
Weekday Diagnostic Visits (8a-8p)$0/visit (if required)$0/visit (if required)$39/visit (if required)$78/visit (if required)
Care4U Parts Discounts10% on any work done10% on any work done10% on any work doneN/A
Care4U Labor Discounts50% on any work done*10% on any work done10% on any work doneN/A
Guaranteed Response Time*12 Hours (same day) Onsite (8a-8p)24 Hours Onsite (8a-8p)36 Hours Onsite (8a-8p)N/A
Tank Water Heater Flush**$0/flush (annually)$0/flush (annually)$49/flush (annually)$98/flush
Weekend / Holiday Fees*** (8a-8p)$0/visit (if required)$0/visit (if required)$39/visit (if required)$98/Weekends or $158/Holidays

* 50% Labor Discount on HVAC Systems UNDER 15-Years Old, For systems 15+ the standard 10% Labor Discount applies
** We guarantee onsite response to diagnostic or down units within the stated timeframes 
*** water heaters with mechanical or operational challenges, corroded plastic port valves, heavily impacted  drainage ports (calcium or other minerals), or in restricted work areas may not qualify
**** AIR4U does not work on Christmas Day or Easter Sunday

Friendly & Professional Certified AC Technicians

What we do during an A/C maintenance tune up inspection is also transparent.
This is a list of 45 specific points we check:

hvac service maintenance tune up inspection

4.9 Google
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A few reasons to pick AIR4U

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HVAC is Critical in Arizona

Air Conditioning Companies are one of the largest industries in town, there are tons of them and that’s still not enough to keep up with the demand during our hot summer season. AIR4U offers a VIP Service Agreement called Care4U, it’s just $9.95/mo and includes spring & summer maintenance tune up, fall & winter maintenance tune up, guaranteed service repair response times, discounts and other benefits. AC Repair is not something you want to deal with last minute! Calling around town trying to find an AC Company that has available technicians in a reasonable amount of time when it’s 100+ degrees? Be prepared, get regular tune ups, know for sure that you have a guaranteed response time, fair prices and trustworthy background checked technicians in your home. 

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AIR4U is a locally owned HVAC contractor, fully licensed, Bonded and Insured to operate in Arizona. Our industry certifications and professionalism allow our clients to feel safe and confident that their home, family and comfort will be in good hands all year long.

Client Testimonials

“AIR4U treated my family and my home great, they installed a new heat pump pack unit, sealed up some leaky ducts and blew insulation in my attic crawl space, huge difference on my electric bills! They did really great work, I would recommend them!”
new ac installation ac replacement
Domingo M
“Our Technician Brandon suggested an electronic filter and a UV air purifier to help us control allergies, we trust him so we tried it and boy does it work! AIR4U always treated our family great, they work with my parents and a few of our neighbors as well, great bunch of people!”
Gina M
“I use AIR4U for my home and business AC systems, they recently installed several ductless mini split systems in our office, great quality work and as they said our electric bills went down dramatically! These systems will probably pay for themselves in a year or two!”
Michael J

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